About Rivka

IMG_7909 (3)Rivka and stories go hand in hand.  She tells stories, creates stories, and seeks them out. She has immersed herself in the narrative tradition for over 40 years and continues to stretch and embrace stories where ever she can find them.

Story embraces all areas from business, family, healing, personal relations, science, history, and more.  When the narrative is sought out and applied to any situation, several levels of understanding and connection can occur.  The artists expands their awareness and energizes their process.  Businesses find an individual voice, the most powerful and effective form of branding. Families rediscover their heritage and find a new way to decode their DNA. Individuals learn a new language, the language of story-a new way to experience traumatic experiences and face them with renewed understanding and emotional stability.

The process of story coaching will bring insights and offer possiblities you’ve never considered. Exploring your own story invites the process of art on all levels.

…and it is fun.

Story coaching sessions are done in-person, by phone, and on Skype. Rivka will travel to you for intensive day long sessions anywhere in the US.  She also offers workshops for businesses, groups promoting health and change, and art festivals.

Contact me at Rivka@SimplyExtraordinaryTales.com  or  862-268-4989



(photo by Shifra Stitzer) 

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